For those places olden

Who’s mystery is Golden

Of an age forgotten

But never completely

Many a man has toiled over such a history

But for what is true

Your ruins hold a clue

Of when energy was free

Secured in destiny





Here’s what happened. I was born and culture taught me things in many different ways. School taught me information that the society we live in feels is important. Society is told what is important by people who shape society, often for their own benefits. I was taught through popular culture what I should be as a female. I was taught about politics and influenced by politicians what is true. I was lucky that I had parents that taught me to question what is false.

I experienced grief, intense grief and was taught to deal with it by a society that fears death. But I questioned, I never stopped questioning. In the dark years of my mind I tried on ideologies like clothes in a shop. What was reflected in the dressing room mirror was a shell, and when I decided to take my mind to the gym not all of these clothes were suitable as my body purged the things it was taught. The thoughts that society had shaped and as a result kept me in caged in a false reality. A reality I was brought up to question.

Sometimes neo-ayahuasca ceremonies that are a modern phenomenon and made to cater for western minds coming to let go of what they were taught, can be very noisy. That is because it is us who are the sick ones. I know when you have been taught how superior the civilization you belong to is, it can be hard to see the negative image to this picture. But the heart knows what is true and with some of the worlds folk medicine, plant medicine, you face the fears that keep you in the mind. And you purge this sickness that was taught to you.

Folk medicine and the altered states of reality you visit during shamanic inspections are much more familiar to the human psyche. That is because for most of human evolution this experience has accompanied us during our initiation period. Our initiation into the cycles of time we are experiencing in the flesh. All of us are free from time, and during psychedelic interludes you are reminded of the immortality we are all granted if we learn to die in peace.

The swastika is the symbol of the turning of the yugas, it represents the notion of time itself. This symbol is ancient and sacred because it is the main ingredient of remembrance, and that is why is has been used in some of the darkest sorcery humanity has been bewitched by. This symbol is found in every continent and every culture. But it is only one part that makes up the mechanism of life. On the outskirts of time dwells a serpent who represents the never ending motion of the cycles. And all of it fits into a holographic 3 dimensional Star of David. The stars points are the areas of projection, and its suns are the fixed points inside life chooses to manifest. And from these suns universes can be projected.

Symbols are the timeless language and its meanings can be translated during every epoch. It is a language deep inside we understand but a virus entered the translation program and we have been lost in amnesia for many years. Folk medicine cured me of this virus. I am still human, I have both positive and negatives. I have things during my life I will work on improving. But a peace is granted for those who dare to look. My soul is ready for death, and with that peace I enjoy life as for a short while I experience a projection in time. I remembered how to die and how to attain peace inside without depending on things I was taught by a society that made me sick. That is the very reason this experience is illegal and demonized in many ‘civilized’ cultures. It is humanities initiation period, the psychedelic revolution has returned to show people in a time when many are choosing sides and ideology…..that none of this is important. Fear is not important and needed where we are heading, only love.