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in this path of sorts,

where creative thoughts,

And craft is taught.

I have these for sale, it is my way of fundraising for my trip this winter. I was granted a freedom in the deaths of my parents and I have to keep going. In doing so I wish to share with others who have family ties and cannot as easily risk everything for their dreams, that you can still dream.

The world is lost in separation

But the art is my personal salvation

Where discipline is learned

And recognition is earned

We all have a turn

So remember to learn

I didn’t choose to be this artist it chose me so I am seeking inspiration across the sea


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The Cloud Riders.

Pastels & Pen on paper.

Inspired by an Ayahuasca journey.



Ayahuasca Speak.


Some Poems I write.

Ayahuasca Speak.

The tower of my Babel leaves empires in cradles, 
yet mature is the mind who wants to enslave humankind,
All your spells by holly wood wands,
Can never cast illusion when truth is my song,
I cannot explain this spirit in me,
But it wont rest until the day all beings are free,
My fear is gone removed with the brew,
All the cultural conditions lifted so your influence cant seep through,
I am your nightmare because egos I burn,
As my spirit incarnates Yugas do turn,
No more rape of my sacred grounds,
I’m peaceful and loving but storms I do growl,
You are my children and young you are,
Outside interference denying destiny in stars,
Remember your home that geometric place,
The sacred temples in Psychedelic space,
The language of plants speak to your core,
Visions of hidden reality is what you saw,
Children of earth re-tune to the frequency of sun,
DMT voyage dimensional evolution begun.

Emma Lucy Shaw