The Visionary origins of religion


Before the Dogma plants aided the pilgrim on a visionary journey inside.

Out of the head and into the heart as we remember ‘this is just a ride’!

God sits inside us all,

God is in all things

It is a force from beyond

And like a disco ball it rests above the cosmos of created things.

Gifts of Eden.

Watercolour on paper.


Thank you Nature for the visions granted,

Here are some psychedelic photos in which seeds are planted





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Archaic Revival Organic T-Shirts.

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Elongated Skulls

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A mix of artwork created both in and inbetween Ayahuasca ceremonies…

These being come up a lot in my visions.

Who do you think they are and what are they trying to say?

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Painting on Ayahuasca

ayahuasca, yage

painting“Training myself to paint on Ayahuasca has been the hardest challenge I put myself up too. But like Mckenna I accepted this challenge. I started to draw complex pictures during Ayahuasca resulting in visionary art as I was very much in the visions themselves. I would write messages about peace, the sun being a portal beyond you are immortal, and so forth next to angelic beings and psychedelic patterns. I let the medicine start to work and journey until suddenly I find myself walking towards the work place I set up before ceremony to create. The creativity that comes out is raw, there is little to no thought process that inspires these pictures as my heart is the one fully in charge. Psychedelics can be difficult, but if you keep working at it finally you get to a point where your mind is still and you can transcend the fears you cling to. A lot of artists and people in general have fear associated with their creativity. But in truth artists are not special or different because of a gift they have, we all have creativity in-bedded within. It is a vital part of being human and I believe daily creativity is good for everyone. When I am deep in my craft I am in a meditative space and although I do sometimes plan and think deeply about upcoming paintings, when I paint with Ayahuasca it is a pure channel to the core of my creativity. A communication tool to translate into art the language of the realms I visit. I am grateful for these experience and to be able to explore this process deeper. Visionary art is needed in a world that is torn apart more than ever with separatist thought. Visionary art represents a place of peace beyond human comprehension. The only thing true Visionary art speaks to is the heart of every human. A reminder that all of us are part of a living organism greater than our own flesh and blood. I have some serious concerns about the Ayahuasca tourist industry and the fake ‘shamans’ out there, but I have a deep gratitude and respect for what Ayahuasca did for me (and many others) on a personal level. It unlocked my creativity that had become nearly extinct and creativity itself is a huge part of my own healing process.”