Psychedelic Sages

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Restoring Perverted Female Roles back to The Medicine Woman.

just for fun 🙂


Elongated Skulls

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A mix of artwork created both in and inbetween Ayahuasca ceremonies…

These being come up a lot in my visions.

Who do you think they are and what are they trying to say?

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Artists Seeks

art, artist, ayahuasca, dmt, modern art, pop art, psy, psychedelic, visionary art


in this path of sorts,

where creative thoughts,

And craft is taught.

I have these for sale, it is my way of fundraising for my trip this winter. I was granted a freedom in the deaths of my parents and I have to keep going. In doing so I wish to share with others who have family ties and cannot as easily risk everything for their dreams, that you can still dream.

The world is lost in separation

But the art is my personal salvation

Where discipline is learned

And recognition is earned

We all have a turn

So remember to learn

I didn’t choose to be this artist it chose me so I am seeking inspiration across the sea


10649736_739215849480933_319051457089653778_n10355745_741750505894134_3672108562891688653_n10406943_693769467358905_455834862432394995_n110387627_693769750692210_3811870031069490582_n110343681_693769737358878_976624951662197833_n110268434_693769510692234_3761222520043548074_n1 for serious inquires thank you.


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I’m not religious and don’t label myself anything but I have my own version of God. This version is personal to me and doesn’t harm my love for science. The faith I have does not make me ignorant or small minded, it has allowed me to keep an open mind and be less prejudice towards other people. This faith in the spirit of all things was not something I turned to during the deaths of loved ones to give me comfort, it came later after Death had been my teacher. This faith allows me to read between the lines of scripture not just to repeat the words written by men 100’s of years after the event took place, and the oral histories got lost in translation. The story of Mohammed and his personal experience of being orphaned and nomadic kept me going when I was going through my own version. The stories of Jesus allowed the hippie inside of me to bloom as well as the anti-establishment revolutionary spirit…And the tales of the Torah fascinated my young mind as I read about Giants and Angelic beings visiting early man, and the people Adam and Eve encountered outside of the Garden…So many questions that gave me a drive to seek answers. My faith is not dogmatic, it’s shamanic and psychedelic. It puts me at equal standing with all living things. So to blame faith for all the worlds troubles is easy….I personally blame Man.