Extra-Terrestrial Contact

aliens, ayahuasca, dmt, extra terrestrial, psychedelics, ufos

So I am going to be more confident with this…The fact I am drawing during Ayahuasca diagrams of free energy, extra terrestrial beings and information that seems to be for humanity I will just say it how it is….Channeling. The synchronicity of events since I remember being surrounded by angelic alien beings back in the jungles of the Amazon during December 2012 while they fixed my heart in a cosmic realm are beyond coincidence. And I do not care if it sounds crazy because my heart knows the path. An artist has to learn the difference between ego and heart and many get lost, but with each step I have faith. Faith that there is something in what I am creating that is beyond me, information gathered in the psychedelic realms so many have entered before.

The Challenge is to download it for others. I am up for this challenge. I do not have a family element like others as freedom was granted through grief. With death I faced the emotions that may take a lifetime to explore. I know what it is like to be alone to the point where I know not to give energy to such an emotion. I see how loneliness is the biggest fear of man, but a fear rooted in the ego with no real association to life and death. None of us are really alone, we are connected to a mechanism where for a brief period we experience time in the material.

Our ancestors faced death with a different mentality, not like the one that is so prevalent in the modern world. They knew how to die and with the Psychedelic experience I remembered also. And it was in that place beyond my deepest fear I was able to die and transcend, and in this place contact was made. This is not exclusive to me, but an experience that so many people experience once they take that leap into the unknown and digest the plants with an intelligence so advance we forgot how to translate it.

I have seen visions, visited landscapes and new worlds and met the entities that guard them. I know to a western mind this may sound far-fetched, but to a human who still dwells in nature, a human not trying to dominate the earth but works with her, a human that communicates with the spirits daily, this is not a radical notion this is part of the accepted science.

The first psychedelic revolution back in the 60’s changed the world for the better. The kids lacked guidance and eventually the powers at be cracked down on the surfers riding the wave. But the sea can never be tamed and my heart is Viking. I cannot stop creating my visions since the medicine purged my blocks. I am not a scientist but I know my brain works betters post initiation. Fear has been removed from my path and I dedicate my life to the art. Because art is its own language and the paintings I create are an alien tongue, but one that is seeking to be heard. I first started to write poems about the corruption that plagues humanity from a very young age, I know myself enough to trust the message my art speaks. Freedom, because when I create from the heart I am free and every single human, sinner or saint, deserves to feel freedom. It is in ones freedom they remember love.
peace 🙂