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This is a DMT navigation tool eye created to help navigate people out of fear and into peace



Elongated Skulls

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A mix of artwork created both in and inbetween Ayahuasca ceremonies…

These being come up a lot in my visions.

Who do you think they are and what are they trying to say?

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Creating Art During Ayahuasca

art, artist, ayahuasca, dmt, entheogen, modern art, painting, plant medicine, psychedelic, shamanism

Channeling art during Ayahuasca.
I surrender and this comes out.
My ego cannot take credit for this it just comes when I am journeying deep.
Please Share these messages.
One Love ♥

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Purge The Hate In A Altered State.

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New Painting.




So it’s taken me a while to paint this theme, and its just the beginning ill keep going with it for years….My experiences with the medicines have been beautiful and blissful, but during one ceremony I met Hitler trapped in a bubble which I figured out to be his Ego. As a veggie artist Hitler reminds me everything I don’t want my art to be about, I don’t want my vision to aim to capture peoples head. I want it to help people find their own way back to the heart. Nor do I want any rejection for my craft to push me on a dark path, that’s just ego shit.

During the ceremony I met Hitler I also experienced the first and second world war, I went from being a solider with bits blown of me being comforted by a nurse to the Mother saying goodbye to her son. I felt a sense of mass sacrifice as I flew over the trench fields and felt all the blood that had been offered to the ground. However far out and conspiracy it sounds, it became very clear to me the blood rituals that have dominated our culture since the rise of agriculture. I felt the madness of war as I entered Vietnam as helicopters flew over me picking the injured up. Suddenly everything turned into a giant Picasso painting.

After I met Hitler I travelled down under the earth surface to an industry gloomy landscape where I became genocide, I saw the faces of Jewish women weeping and as soon as I looked into their eyes they were free. The heads floated up to Jerusalem and paused for a moment then they floated up to the cosmos where a huge golden swirling galaxy civilization dwelled. It was shining so bright and gold and was guarded by Sumerian looking Rabbis. I realized this was a version of Zion and I just gazed in a psychedelic stare. I was speechless.

The safety and peace that I felt was unlike anything I had previously known, and then a peace treaty was made in space by cosmic Rabbis and Nordic looking priest people. Then I returned to the Maloca and the ceremony was over. I wasn’t scared during the experience I just went with the medicine and for some reason it took me there. My intention before the ceremony was healing the dwindling bond with my brothers. From doing that I picked up on how the masculine energy in my ancestry had been exposed to anger, rage and murder over the 100’s of years ‘civilization’ came to this part of the world. First with the Romans and then through the ages, I saw the years of tribal warfare has left a deep scar on the psyche of many males and I guess as my brothers are soldiers and ex football hooligans that is why the journey took me here as I picked up on the sickness that comes with a male dominated society and years of conditioning. Especially working class conditioning that aims to keep people at the bottom of the pyramid, while it fills you with fear and separation from your fellow man.

I love history, both learning about the light and the dark and the sorcery of the Third Reich has fascinated me since childhood. How a group of people could capture the consciousness of a whole people with images and words in their propaganda which often used sacred symbols that have now been ruined beyond repair.
A psychedelic experience can help people with depression, mid life crisis, addictions and so on…but a psychedelic experience can also dissolve ideologies you hold dear. It is the antidote to Babylon and that is the very reason it is illegal. The psychedelic experience allows people to let go of the bullshit they let feed from their energy. Sickness is not just psychical, its emotional and as the world seems to be on the verge of a terrorism style WW3, I think art is more important than ever at counteracting the fear that steals so many peoples creativity and power.

This is an angry indoctrinated man from the post paranoid 9/11 world (tough on the outside fear ridden on the inside) drinking Ayahuasca, the smoke of the mapacho is blowing away his sickness and as the rainbow bridge comes closer, the ego en-caged hatred is shed away and he can cross it if he dares, he can be cured. Enlightenment is for all, purge the shit don’t end up in a bubble between the cosmos trapped in your own ego hell. Mirror yourself in all, however hard, they just reflect things you need to work on.
One Love.

Archaic Revival T shirts by Emma Lucy Shaw

art, artist, ayahuasca, dmt, entheogen, painting, plant medicine, psychedelic, shamanism, terence mckenna, vine of souls, visionary art

Inspired by African Knowledge from Egypt, Algeria, Ethiopia and the Dogon People.

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