4 20, cannabis, CULTURE, legalization

Look at me,

I am just a plant,

I am not as dangerous as you say,

But within these lies corruption does play,

You have stolen peoples freedoms and locked them away,

Because they incorporated me into their diets,

While your war on drugs is guilty of racial bias,

Look at me,

Really stop and look,

I am just a plant that some people choose to look up,

I don’t lead to violence like those legal drugs,

Instead I am behind most works of art,

I can be used as a tool to aid creative sparks,

My qualities are many and I am extremely strong,

I am a plant with the strength to fight cancer head on,

I help people in times of need,

In a civilization of lies I help people to see free,

Yes sometimes I can take you into a haze,

And some people can get lost in a paranoid stage,

But this is often something inside,

I am a teacher and may bring up stuff you try to hide,

Work with me with a respectful mind,

I can be a powerful guide,

If you use me without knowledge that is called abuse,

But despite what society says about drug use,

It is actually not a terrible thing,

To use a PLANT that helps you to sing,

So call me a stoner and judge with your fear,

But ill always choose a spliff over a beer.